About Us

Who We Are

We are Advanced Family Eye Care, eye doctors in the Cedar Valley offering eye care to Waterloo, Cedar Falls, Independence, and surrounding communities since 1979.

Our Mission

We want you to have the best experience you have ever had at the eye doctor.

We hope to greet you when you walk in with so much positivity and welcoming energy that it makes you smile.

During your eye exam we want to educate you so you know exactly what is going on and if you require some treatment, you know exactly why – because without the why, we truly can’t improve your life.

When picking out glasses we hope to provide a fun experience with no pressure tactics, we supply you with the information and you decide. Also, did you know that our Acuvue contacts are some of the cheapest around, with our rebates you can save hundreds!

All this provided by a team that truly cares about you, your family and your eyes. That is what makes us Eye Care Beyond the Prescription.

Our Story

Advanced Family Eye Care was started by the late Dr. R Doran Espe in 1979 in Independence, IA. In 2009, after Dr. Espe’s death, Dr. Carrie Kearns took over as owner. She continued the culture and legacy that Dr. Espe created. During her ownership she created the Vision 360 brand and introduced vision therapy to the practice.

In 2019 Dr. Kearns sold the practice to Dr. Brad Boyle. Dr. Boyle strives to continue the medical eye care put in place by Dr. Kearns and Dr. Espe. We expanded to Waterloo, Iowa in 2020 providing full scope optometry. The practice continues to look for growth opportunities throughout the area.