Contact Lenses

Every year there are more and more contacts to choose from. The technology is always changing for the better. Here at Advanced Family Eye Care we fit contacts for people of all ages. We specialize each fit to the patient to give them the most comfort and best vision at the best price. All three things are very important to us and we look forward to giving you vision without glasses.


Feeling nervous about contact lenses? Don’t be. This video will prepare you for your first week wearing contact lenses.

This video explains the process of how to safely put on contacts and take them off. If you need more assistance please call the office.

Specialty Contacts

  • Multifocal or monovision contacts allow patients to see clearly without glasses
  • New technology allows us to fit patients with any severity of astigmatism
  • New advances in contact lens materials have allowed many patients with dry eye to wear lenses comfortably
  • For patients with corneal diseases, contact lenses are more effective than glasses
  • Colored contacts for vision correction with a special aesthetic


Myopia (nearsightedness) rates are increasing in children. Myopia can lead to difficulties in school, sports and other activities due to poor vision.

With orthokeratology we can help minimize the severity of myopia. Orthokeratology is when the patient wears a contact lens at night when sleeping. The contact lens reshapes the cornea so when the lens is removed vision is clear.


We encourage all patients to have their contact lens orders shipped direct.

We ship all six month and year supplies of contacts for free across the entire United States.

To reorder call 319 334 6087 or fill out our form


Save $300 through a mail in rebate on a year supply of OASYS ONE DAY contacts.

Most daily contacts come with a $200 mail in rebate.

Most monthly contacts offer a $50 rebate.

Get the brands you love from the name you trust